Final Blog.

When I started this Blog, my aim was just to promote awareness in Ireland of the disease.

But why was this the case?  It was because There i still a lack of understanding in the disease. Some people think it is a food allergy which is not true-coeliac disease is an intolerance of gluten. Also because Ireland has one of the highest rates of coeliac disease in the world with 1/100 being affected

Ireland has gotten better over the years in providing for coeliacs such as in restaurants and items but there are still little problems.

For example, there are talks regarding cuts to the gluten-free products allowance in the future by the Irish Pharmacy Union.  It states that gluten-free products will no longer be covered under the state schemes such as medical cards removing gluten free products on the list. I do not think this is right because in some aspects gluten-free product are a coeliacs medicin and the government is looking at coelaics as a way to save money as in doing this they are saving 3.6 million euro on an annual basis. Hopefully this will not occur as it would lead coelaic to spending more money on accommodating their diet. But a part from this Ireland are creating more awareness of the disease.

Heres just a short video just to summaries the aim aspects of the disease:

For any coelaics who were reading this blog Here’s a few useful websites or for people who are curious.– This websites shows every restaurant in Ireland that accommodating for coelaics. Very useful if travailing around Ireland and wanting to know were you can at.

These are websites you can find all sorts of gluten-free recipes on if trying to add variety to your diets.

Hope they help.

Once again here’s the website for the coleiac society of Ireland if anyone needs information on the disease if newly diagnosed.

An important aspect to note that if you are newly diagnosed they can provide a book to you which has every item in Ireland and states whether it is gluten free or not. Very helpful for clarity in the early stages. and another important aspect i that it changes every year with up to date i information. very important because organizations may change how they produce food which result in it no longer being gluten free e.g. Walkers crisps were gluten-free for years but change in this aspect an are now no longer gluten free. Disappointing too as they were the only brand of crisps that were. – you can shop online on this website and they deliver gluten-free foods right to your door. This saves the stress of going to stores and not finding what you want. Very handy too if you were travailing on holiday and needed to stock up just to be sure that the country you are traveling to did not accomdate your diet.

Hope this information helps.

Finally here’s an App I created for college regarding this topic as well.

Thank you for reading my blog for the last eight weeks and I hope It helped in trying to understand the important key aspects of the disease and what would it would be like in being a coeliac.

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3 Responses to Information

  1. sineadfoy23 says:

    Hey Conor,

    Really enjoyed reading your blog. Here’s a website that you might find useful:

    It has reviews of restaurants, hotels, etc. all on a map. It’s brilliant for travelling (they have an app too). Would love it if you could help the community by submitting reviews of anywhere you eat out!

  2. Stephen says:

    Hey conor,
    Really liked your blog found it very interesting and helpful. keep up the good work. thanks.

  3. ctd22 says:

    Thanks Stephen but it was the last one: Maybe I ll create more when i get more free

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